Friday, February 4, 2011

Camping in February?

It's February and half of the country is buried under a blizzard - brrrrrrrrrrr!

Where's John's car? Pictures, Images and PhotosWhat's a couple to do for a date idea when you may or may not have slick roads?  I've got an idea for you!

Set up a tent inside your living room.  Now, hear me out!  If you don't have a small two man tent handy, then ask your kids to help you prop up blankets and/or sheets to create a tent.

Next, have dinner in the tent, just the two of you (you can promise the kids can play in the tent the next day to appease them).  Be sure to have a sturdy candle lit for the ambiance.  For dessert, roast marshmallows over your candle.

Don't forget the sleeping bags.  If you're really feeling adventuresome, come to the tent in your warmest PJ's and have a sleepover in there.  The possibilities for fun with this one are endless.  Enjoy!

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