Friday, June 17, 2011

Saying Grace

I can't say that we say "grace" before every meal - at least not where Corn Flakes are concerned. And most meals that come in a bag from a drive-thru window probably don't get "blessed" either. Perhaps they should.

But I can say that every evening, when our family gathers for dinner, we say "grace." Like many families, we pause to give thanks for God's goodness. And we ask His blessing.

About a week or so ago, my middle child sweetly asked if she could have the honors. Of my three kids, Brynn is the quiet one. Generally speaking, she'd rather let someone else do the "talking." So I was tickled when she actually wanted to say a prayer before dinner.

With great solemnity, she folded her small hands and asked in her most serious voice . . .

"Dear God, please help Mom's chili to taste good. Amen."

Well, I guess there's no hiding the fact that I'm not exactly known for my stove-top skills.

At my house, saying "grace" is more like an opportunity to give me grace. Lord knows I need it. Especially when it comes to cooking.

It makes me wonder. How often do we "say grace" to one another? In the little things. The inconsequential things. Extending grace - to people. Giving thanks - for people.

I think I need to practice "saying grace" throughout my day. Intentional grace-saying.

What would our marriages look like if we practiced speaking grace to one another throughout our day?


The picture is from a painting by one of my favorite artists - Norman Rockwell.


Debbie said...

I had to laugh at your daughter's prayer. I'm sure your chili isn't that bad. LOL. But yes, may we always say grace and extend that grace to others too.

blessings and love,

Terry said...

Great story about your daughter's prayer!

Warren Baldwin said...

Wonderful prayer of your daughter! So honest!

And good application. Stress and anxiety can cause husbands and wives to lose patience with each other, and their speech become harsh. Yes, much grace is needed!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

too often, this is one of those things that we let become a ritual instead of truly being thankful!