Friday, November 25, 2011

Can I Be Thankful for This?

"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18


It's Thanksgiving week once again and time to give thanks to God for your life.

When I'm healthy and money is flowing and my kids are making good grades, it's easy to give thanks. But when someone in my house is sick, and bills are piling up, and the kids bring home a bad grade, it's not natural to be thankful.

But God doesn't ask us to do what's "natural". Instead He asks us to act out of faith and a knowledge of His word. The verse above clearly states when I'm supposed to give thanks - and for what. Give thanks in every circumstance.

It's one thing to just accept a bad circumstance, but to actually give thanks for it is quite another thing.

All across the internet, people are doing this giving thanks thing. It's on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc... But not once have I seen one of them give thanks for a bad circumstance. I'm not judging them, after all, just this morning I realized I'm guilty of falling into the same pattern of giving thanks.

Today, I will begin with a conscious effort to give thanks for all circumstances.

Today, one of my kids woke up with a fever, tummy ache and headache. I had to stay home from Bible study, and miss play practice at school (I'm directing a Christmas play at my kids school). Today, I thank you, God for my sick child, and your plans for me to stay at home to love on her and focus on YOU.

Wow, giving thanks in all circumstances really causes you to release control of your life to God. It's really an admission that He alone is in control. You should try it.


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Warren Baldwin said...

Sonya, I'm just reading your Thanksgiving post now, but, ironically, I'm nearly this behind in everything, so I'm still thinking of Thanksgiving even more than I am Christmas! That will change soon, I'm sure :)

Really liked this post. Hope you ahve a great holiday season.