Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Direction

Thank you for stopping by Titus 2 in Action. Your presence on this blog has been a treasure to those of us who post here.

I remember the night God gave me the vision for this blog. I couldn't sleep, so I took a notebook and a pen to my favorite chair and prayed. Very quickly, the Lord gave me the layout and even who would be the beginning authors on T2. What an exciting time! What a rewarding season.

Today, God is changing my ministry focus and this blog isn't in the new picture. I am just as confident today about ceasing T2 as I was when God first asked me to start it.

My ministry is submitted to God. He is always growing and changing me. In such, my life will take on different focuses at different times. The key is to be tuned into God so we can hear him directing us.

The new direction for my life will include posting to my personal blog, writing more freelance pieces and a new speaking ministry. Everything I do will still fall under the category of Titus 2, but I will no longer use this medium. Running a blog like this one does take quite a bit of planning and effort. Now I will have more time and energy to travel on the new path God has prepared for me.

Please use the links on the right side of this post to visit our personal blogs and keep in touch with each one of us.

May you follow hard after God and find satisfaction only in His presence.



Terry Laudett said...

Thank you for what you have done through this blog. I'll miss seeing it, but I really appreciate the high-quality, wholesome content that I've been able to see for the last few years.

Sharon Sloan said...

Sonya ~ Thanks for the blessing this blog has been. Thanks for the opportunity to be one of the writers (retired).

I pray for EACH of you that God establishes and blesses the work of your hearts and hands.

Psalm 90:17 ~ May the favor[a] of the Lord our God rest upon us;
establish the work of our hands for us—
yes, establish the work of our hands.

Author Amanda Beth said...

Thank you Sonya! It's been a blessing to be part of T2. I pray for God's guidance and blessings for all the wonderful writers on this blog. :)

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

i have been blessed to be part of this blog for almost a year and a half. thank you Sonya for your precious spirit and for your leadership. i have enjoyed meeting all the authors and know that God has something good for all of us!


Just stopped by to encourage your heart today in whatever season of life you are finding yourself! God doesn't keep us in one place for very long as He has places to take us and things for us to be and do! I echo your confidence in starting and stopping when God moves - we must move with Him!

Titus 2 will always be close to my heart! This past year I memorized the entire book of James. Now I believe the LORD is calling me to memorize the book of Titus!

Living in the fullness of JOY,