Sunday, November 8, 2009


Welcome to Titus 2 In Action - Father Figure

I am excited to be part of this new blog called Titus 2 In Action. Each writer in this group will be contributing to a specific issue that is important to the family.

All of us are from families! God in his great wisdom chose the family as the means to bring new life into the world and to nurture that new life to adulthood.

When followed faithfully, God's plan for family works wonderfully. But, being the fallen creatures that we are, we don't always follow God's plan for our own lives or that of our families. When that happens disruption can occur, with varying degrees of severity. Families can be stressed, behavior can be sinful, and the blessings that God intended to shower upon the family can be lost. Instead of the refreshment of blessing, families struggle through drought.

But, we need never despair! God's word spoken in even the driest, harshest climate can rejuvenate life and usher in those showers of blessings we thought we missed. It is God's purpose to restore every man, woman and child to himself, and with that, the family.

In Titus 2 In Action we want to share what we know about God's will and purpose for the family. My column in particular will be about fatherhood. I will share my insights into fatherhood based on my experiences with fathers, particularly my own dad and my own role as a father.

My kids are almost all grown now: one is 24, one 21 and the youngest is 17. But, I continue to read and study about parenthood because I am still a parent. How I exercise that role has changed, but I am still a dad and always will be. That is why I continue to study and try to learn. I hope some of that will be beneficial to the readers of this blog!

I hope you will become a regular follower of Titus 2 In Action. If you have any questions you would like to see me or any of us address, please feel free to communicate with us!

God bless,

Warren Baldwin


Sally said...

My children are a good bit older than yours, and I still parent them. To me, that means I still love them.

Andrea said...

Parenting NEVER ends!

Blessings, andrea

Clif said...

Excellent post Warren. Thanks for this and also the introduction to Titus 2. Have a great week!

Debbie said...

This sounds wonderful, and I will pray that the Lord blesses your efforts. I feel like the role of fatherhood is the most important one many men will ever have, and yet they are not taking it as seriously as they should and many neglect it sadly. All of my children are adults now too and I have found that not only does the role of motherhood go on (in a different way like you said) but now I have added grandmother to my list of responsibilites and joys.
I have actually been surprised at how much my grandchildren listen to the lessons I try to teach them. Have a wonderful week and God bless you, Debbie

Charlotte said...

Thank you for sharing this excellent post with us on Spiritual Sundays. Fatherhood is such a serious subject. I always love to hear of fathers who are following God's direction. Their children are blessed when they do.
Have a great day.

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Great introductory first post Warren! Looking forward to gleaning from your parenthood wisdom rooted in God's truth. Our cherubs are still young (9 and 7) you are one who has gone before us!

Thankful the He gently leads those who have young! (Isaiah 40:11)


nannykim said...

Great idea. I love being a parent and I have been so excited about my relationship to my kids now that they are adults. It has been one of lifes richest blessings to see God at work in their lives and to see their love for Him.

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

I'm so excited to have you as part of our team on Titus 2 In Action!

This line says it all: "God's word spoken in even the driest, harshest climate can rejuvenate life..."

I'm so glad that God's word is alive and living in me and you!

Can't wait to read future posts.
Sonya Lee

Kelly Combs said...

Warren - great words today. I can't wait to read future posts and to learn parenting tips from one who is farther up the road than I am with my 2 little ones.


Warren Baldwin said...

Sally - Thank you.

Andrea - You are right. I'm learning now that it changes as time goes on and the kids leave home, but parenting still continues.

Clif - Thank you, and welcome to Titus 2.

Debbie - Thanks for the prayers, and this statement: "I feel like the role of fatherhood is the most important one many men will ever have, and yet they are not taking it as seriously as they should and many neglect it sadly." That was Sonya's inspiration to have this column.

Warren Baldwin said...

Thank you, Charlotte.

Debbie - Grandmothers are great teachers! My wife's mom is fabulous with our kids.

Sonya Lee - And I am thankful that you invited me to be part of this great team.

Nannykim - Thank you.

Kelly - Thank you, too. Hope the words here will encourage at least a little.

Denise said...

Fantastic post.

Ms.Daisy said...

I was blessed to raise two daughters to adulthood and our relationship went from Mother-Daughter to Friend! I also have three grandchildren that are the very best blessing ever!


Warren Baldwin said...

Thank you, Denise.

Ms.Daisy - Great job of parenting!

Karin said...

Interesting site! What great opportunities to influence positively all who are starting out in parenting. With God being our perfect Father we have an awesome role model, even if our own parents struggled in their roles. I still think that many valuable things I learned about parenting I learned from my children. I do find it amazing how much interest now my grandchildren show in the stories we as grandparents have to tell.I'm thankful that our children encourage and facilitate that - always honoring us - so much more than we deserve, for sure! That's what is amazing about being family! All the best with this new site!

Ginger said...

Not to mention that someday you will be a grandpa. This sounds like a wonderful study.
I like your new blog look.

God Bless,

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Warren, this sounds like a very valuable blog to follow. Thanks for introducing it to me.

rcubes said...

Parenting...a never ending process. We teach and guide our kids but we also learn from them at the same time...Glad you're a part of this new site. Blessings to you.

Mary said...

This is going to be a wonderful blog, Warren. I will follow it and prayerfully pass some of what you write on to my son, who is not leading his family in the ways of the Lord. We continue to be involved, and parent in a very limited way, but our parenting doesn't stop with our words...we continue day and night in prayer for our children and grandchildren...I believe the prayers of parents rise to Heaven with the aid of angels, as they know our hearts are sincere, and sometimes breaking. I am so grateful that we have so many wonderful Christian men and women in is sooooo needed.

God bless you and this wonderful new ministry-blog...may the Lord use it mightily for His purposes.


Edie said...

Looking forward to reading more Warren!

Parenting doesn't end when our kids move out of the house or when they have kids.

Sande said...

Parents never resign ... their children are ALWAYS looking to them to see themselves reflected in their parents eyes; even as a parents parent ... or even a parents parents parent.

Give those parents wings Warren; our encourager extraordinaire.

Renee said...

Great post....look forward to your insights into this study.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I look forward to more of your wisdom filled posts, Warren. Although my children are grown (20,23,24) I have 5 precious grandchildren that I intend to let always see me shine for God. It's never too late to be a godly parent!

In Him,