Monday, March 8, 2010

School is NOT Over!

Most of us were perfect parents, before becoming parents ourselves.

Remember when you saw a child having a temper tantrum in a store and then thought, "If only they would just ..." We knew it all - before we were parents.

If you are reading this post, you are probably a parent. So how do you measure up today? For me, perfect parent, is not a title I would give myself. More like, totally and completely dependent on God! Can I get a witness?

Having six children, I am always amazed at how completely different each one of my children are! The idea that genetics played any part of it is just unbelievable to me. It would be like baking the same cookie recipe each time only to get completely different desserts when they emerged from the oven! Are you still with me?

Why? What is God's purpose in giving us unique individuals as children?

For one thing, it is to prove to us that they are NOT OURS - but His!

We are supposed to be training up these blessings to serve Him - not us. So how can we accomplish this?

One key ingredient is to become a student of our own children. If we realize and acknowledge that these are God's future generations, then we must raise them to be exactly who God needs them to be in His kingdom. They will NOT all turn out the same. They are each unique and called with a unique calling.

So watch them. Make a note of their talents, their strengths, their likes and dislikes. Then spend time in prayer, asking God how you can best nurture His child/children to be the adults that He wants them to be.

I don't believe that God is calling us to be perfect parents, but to be dependent on Him for their care and upbringing. Keep your eyes focused on Him and keep your ears open to His leading. Then throw out any idea you may have had of raising all your children the exact same way. God loves variety. If you don't believe me, then try to find two identical snowflakes, they don't exist!



Kelly Combs said...

"Can I get a witness?" AMEN!

Sonya, I think this is some of your best writing. I really enjoyed this post. Be blessed!

Heckety said...

SOOOO agree!
Something which amazes me is that even with my training as a junior teacher I still so often am not sure how I should react/respond/discipline/encourage my children. How do other people do it? Especially, how do people without God beside them do it?
I think as a parent we're never done learning- I watch my Mom with my bro and sisters and hope I'll be as gracious when my children are my age!!

Edie said...

So true Sonya! I was just talking with someone yesterday about how much value God places on uniqueness. The snowflake example alone is unfathomable when you think of how many snowflakes have ever fallen on the whole earth in all of history. Then think about everything else in creation and try to find anything that is absolutely identical. It is amazing.

Loved this!

Sharon Sloan said...

Oh yes, Sonya--- dependent on Him as a parent! That pretty much sums me up! :)

I always pray that God would give us wisdom and discernment as parents and that we would recognize all their gifts and talents to nurture them for Him. We talk to the kids about it, too, so they always remember what He has given them is to be used to glorify, honor and serve Him.

Looking unto Him,

Warren Baldwin said...

Great wisdom Sonya - becoming students of our own children. They are all different, and it is important for us to acknowledge their individuality.