Friday, April 23, 2010

When Sinners Say "I Do"

Hello, everyone. I had a completely different post in mind for today, but I am saving that for another time. Why? I want to point you to a resource on marriage. On Wednesday morning as I was driving to Bible Study, I was listening to "Family Life Today" with Dennis Rainey on the radio. His guest was Dave Harvey, the author of a book titled "When Sinners Say I Do". Just the title of the book speaks of the reality of Christian marriage, doesn't it? And the greater reality is that we abide in Christ, the only Perfect One in the Christian Marriage covenant, He makes our marriages sweet and fruit-producing for His purposes and glory. Beautiful.

This broadcast on Family Life Today was such a blessing that I wanted to share it with you. Click here to listen to the entire broadcast: "What Really Matters In Marriage"? Marriage resources grounded in God's Word are treasures. Our Redeemer is our hope and life. His Word is our perfect written guide. "...for attaining wisdom and discipline; for understanding words of insight." Proverbs 1:2

And if you've been following long enough, you know that I love give-aways of excellent marriage resources! So, we will be giving away one copy of Dave Harvey's book "When Sinners Say 'I Do'"! Just leave a comment and you'll be entered to win!

Here is just a snippet of the conversation between Dave Harvey and Dennis Rainey on Wednesday's Family Life Today broadcast titled "What Really Matters In Marriage":

Dave Harvey: We begin to study Scripture, and we begin to understand how God views us and what God says about us, and it's those kinds of theological realities that need to come into the trenches of marriage so that we can understand – How does God see us? How are we supposed to see one another? That begins with the reality of our sinfulness. One of the statements that I make in the book is a quote from an old Puritan pastor named Thomas Watson. He once said that until sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet. So the goal is not that we're just ever exploring our sinfulness and going on this journey into the labyrinth of our sinful heart. It's more that we discover who we really are; that we might be able to exalt in the gospel.

Dennis Rainey: And notice where you start – you don't start with just how wretched we are, as individuals. You start with who God is, and I'm reminded, as you were talking about one of my favorite quotes by A.W. Tozer who said "the most important thing you think is what you think about God." Because if you see God for who He is, you'll see yourself for who you are, and two people, two imperfect people, who can tend to be selfish in a marriage relationship.

What we think, what we know, what we believe for sure about God....that is what everything in our life should anchored in. Knowing God. And how do we grow in knowing God? Only by making the time to spend with Him each day. Sitting quietly and thirstily at His feet. Knowing Him so we love and serve Him in every area of our lives. And serving Him in our marriages is a priority.

"Our love for Him will not grow unless we spend time with Him, listen to His voice, and experience His love for us. If we find that our love for Jesus has waned or that we struggle to serve Him, it is a clear sign that we must take time to sit at His feet. We may have been involved in Christian activity on His behalf and yet neglected our relationship with Him. After we have spent time in intimate fellowship with our Lord, and after we have heard His voice and received His love, we will be prepared to serve Him, even laying down our life for Him if that is what He asks." - Blackaby

Knowing God. Spending time listening for His voice. Steeping ourselves in His Word. He prepares us to serve Him....even in our marriages! "...even laying down our life for Him if that is what He asks." Soak that in today.

Remember, to enter to win a copy of Dave Harvey's book, just leave a comment. We have many many visitors who are tentative to comment, but we like to hear from you! So, venture out and comment! We are delighted you stopped by. We pray you were refreshed and encouraged in some small way.



Mom to 9 Blessings! said...


Every day is a choice - God first, lay down anything I want for His desires for me and of me. Romans 12:1-2

I must see Scott through the eyes of Christ's love for Him.

Blessings and thanks for sharing more truths with us Sharon!

Love you,

Kelly Combs said...

this is a book I need to check out. I don't think I can enter to win, as a co-contributor here, but I am going to look into it. Love the title.

Edie said...

Sinners marry sinners. I wonder if more people thought seriously about that before marrying if there would be fewer divorces.

As a contributor I'm opting out of your giveaway too. Sounds like a great resource!

HB said...

Just found this site today. Looks like a lot of good stuff! I'd love a chance at winning this book. Thanks!

christschild said...

This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I can't wait to listen to the broadcast:)

Wendy Blight said...

This is great, Sharon. There is a treasure in every paragraph!! This past year, I have felt such a tug from the Lord to evaluate my marriage through His eyes. So much work to do, and this gives me fresh eyes to see just how to do it.

Love you,


HB said...

I bought this book and have already started reading and learning. Thanks for the suggestion!

By the way, I chose the Titus 2 Site for a Sunshine Award. Didn't know how to bless the whole site with it, so pass it on to the other contributors, will ya? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it is too late to enter, but thank you for passing along thie book title. My daughter will be getting married next month and it looks like a wonderful gift to give to her.
My prayer is that they will honor God with their marriage.

Chestnut Li said...

Sounds like a spiffy book. I just recently realized that even though I thought I was "pretty good" at pursuing Christ, and that the other is a godly man, somehow two sinners just end up with conflicts out of nowhere. It's not long before he thinks about Matt 5:23-24 and I'll be thinking about Eph 4:26, and we had to resolve and repent and reconcile somehow because going to God everyday is important for both of us. I never know maintaining god-honoring relationships is so complicated!