Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Faith Like Noah

The rain fell in torrents as I drove into the parking lot of my daughter’s school. We ran from the car to the doors, but were soaked by the time we entered the building. My clothes stuck uncomfortably to my body, and I felt every bit the drowned rat.

I dropped my daughter off safely in her classroom. As I was leaving I jokingly told the school's director “I’m off to build an ark!” She replied, “Well you better hurry because it’s already raining.”

That caused me to think. When God told Noah to build an ark, it likely was a beautiful, sunny day. No doubt the people laughed at Noah as he built this ark; 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. Yet Noah had faith. The Bible says, “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” (Genesis 6:22 NIV) He built an ark in the sunshine.

I wish I could be more like Noah. When God calls on me to do something for him, how often do I wait for the rain first? “Send me a sign if that’s really what you want, God.” If Noah had asked God for a sign, surely it would have begun to rain. And Noah would have had to build his ark in the rain. The tools would be slippery in his hands, his clothes uncomfortably sticking to him. His hair, matted to his head. But no, not Noah. He had the warm sunshine to work in…no doubt whistling while he worked.

And here I am…in the rain. How much easier would my life be if I could respond to God’s call immediately? Without a sign. Without the rain. And yet even as I work in the rain, I know God will be sending the rainbow soon enough.

But the next time God asks me to do something, I hope I can have a faith like Noah. A faith to do everything just as God commands, without a sign. That faith will allow me to work in the sunshine. And not end up all wet.



Jenny said...

Beautifully written Kelly :)

Terry said...

I want to do the same thing.



You have no idea how much this word is straight from God to me today! He has asked me to do something that I know I in my own flesh am not capable of doing. He won't let it go and has even said to me, "Why are you delaying doing it?"

Just yesterday I asked Him for a 'sign'. But I knew in my heart that HE'd ALREADY ASKED me - and that is enough.

I need to move forward and 'do the thing'! Thanks for seeing that rain with God's perspective in mind!

Choosing JOY,

Precious Gems said...

Hiya Beautiful
How are things?
I was wondering if you could help me by reading through my new Blog and giving me some feedback.
I want to know if what I am talking about makes sense and is relevant to young women.
Love you lots
Tracey :)

Christy said...

It is nicely written. Love the last line, nice. STill I wonder did Noah ever doubt. He only had 100+ years of work to do on that ark. I can see Him finishing the ark and saying, "Ok God now what" and God in HIs regular ways waiting a couple of days before telling the animals to come. And a shaky Noah crying in long suffering praise when the animals showed up. Isn't that the God we know?

lioneagle said...

Hi Kelly -

Thank you for this piece.

I really enjoyed it. The Noah story is one of my favorites in the Bible.

Yes, you are right, folks likely did laugh at him but he pressed on for our GOD! Noah was a great man of faith who so inspires as we read his story.

It is so comforting to know that our Lord uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things by pure faith in GOD.