Friday, March 4, 2011

Time for Spring Projects!

Spring is in the air! At least it is here in Virginia.  The trees are budding and the crocuses are beginning to bloom.  With the onset of spring comes those spring projects you've been pondering all winter long.

So here's my date idea for March:

Plan to accomplish one of those long talked about spring projects together.

My husband and I have been talking about cleaning out our garage all winter long!  We are planning to set aside an entire weekend to get this project done - together.

Think of it as a team building activity!  Don't be afraid to take on something new like putting down a new floor or painting a room in your home together.  If it's something neither of you are experienced in, check with your local hardware stores for "how to" classes that you might be able to take together first.

The feeling of accomplishment when you have completed this project will be wonderful!  Then it will be time for a celebration dinner!



Sonya Lee Thompson said...

I love doing projects with you. It is always fun.
Love You, your husband,
Tim :)

A multi-dimensional life said...

Do I have to?! LOL...just kidding!
I am becoming more and more motivated now that spring is approaching...although a bit too slowly for me! It will soon be here though, and I look forward to the reminder of new birth when the first crocus bulb sprouts up!