Friday, April 22, 2011

Passing the Baton

During my brief middle school career in track and field, I discovered that I didn’t enjoy running the relay race. Something about being dependent upon teammates bothered me. I didn’t want to lose just because someone else on my team was either too slow, or worse, dropped the baton.

I preferred sprints. All by myself. Win or lose, there was no one to blame but myself. Of course, the last time I participated in a track and field event, I was about twelve years old. And, clearly, I had a lot of learning to do when it came to the value of teamwork.

Few things, if any, can be accomplished on our own. Interdependence is a necessity in life, especially so when it comes to marriage. Jeff and I continue to learn the art of teamwork.

This weekend I left for a writers’ conference, and I passed the baton to Jeff. He graciously took some time off of work so he could taxi the kids around and be Mr. Mom for a few days. What a blessing. I couldn’t have experienced all that was in store for me without my husband tending to everything at home. Teamwork.

There will always be moments, sometimes even seasons, when we need to pass the baton. But that is the beautiful thing about marriage. We have each other. We’re a team.


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Toyin O. said...

That is so beautiful, sounds like you have wonderful thing going there with your team mate. May God continue ro bless your marriage and children:)