Friday, October 14, 2011

Are you Ready?

For years, my husband and I have toyed with the idea of buying a beachfront house.  Going to the ocean is our favorite family vacation.  Other than the obvious exorbitant cost, the other thing holding us back:  Hurricane Season!
PhotobucketIf we did have the money, I think we'd get over our fear of a hurricane and buy one.  So how would we keep ourselves prepared for the pending storms?

1) We'd keep wood handy for battening down the hatches.
2) We'd have about a weeks worth of food and water in our beach house.
3) Insurance.

Next, we'd enjoy every moment of every day on the beach. Even though you know a hurricane will eventually come, none lives in constant fear of them.  Once you are prepared, you simply enjoy and relax - until you see the storm on the horizon.  But even then, you have the supplies you need to weather the storm.

It's the same with our spiritual walk. We want to live each day drawing closer to God in a good relationship. But, trials are coming, so we should prepare for them by:

1) Reading and memorizing scriptures.
2) Praying daily - developing a relationship with God.
3) Doing Bible studies and talking to other Christians.
4) Journaling.

Then, when a trial is spotted on the horizon, we brace ourselves and pull out our spiritual supplies.  We draw closer to God and weather the storm together.



Rebecca said...

That was beautiful...yes, fear...of the storms.

Jenn said...

What a great post!! I lived in Florida for many years, on the Gulf of Mexico (it was my back yard) and I never saw a hurricane.

Then I left Florida and Andrew hit in 92...crazy.

Anyway, I have an award for you, please stop by and pick it up!

Cheers, Jenn