Monday, December 12, 2011

Faith like Mary

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34

Especially at this time of year, I find myself in a whirlwind of planning, preparing and perpetually worrying. I don't mean to worry, truly, I mean to be joyful and remember in each moment the truth about Jesus, His birth and the MAGNITUDE of this event in the hearts of Christian people everywhere. I mean to be prayerful about the unsaved being saved and about lives being changed as a result of our precious Savior. I mean to trust Him, however I can see my faith billow in the breeze as earthly things and life impede our big picture of Jesus and His life in it's entirety.

As I fret and fritter about, concerned with bows, baubles and Christmas dinner, the Lord stirs in my soul a sweet reality that Mary, Mother of Jesus was not busying herself with fret or worry when the angel Gabriel came to her. A woman (quite honestly, a teen) Mary does not falter as the angel reveals to her that she would be conceiving in the most inconceivable way! Her reaction was not that of disbelief or resistance. No, this young lady, a virgin from an obscure village in Galilee revealed unusual faith and amazing humility. How can I justify my selfish desires for the "perfect Christmas" when Mary so eloquently and peacefully showed her faith, above all things, as Jesus entered the world? I can't.

This year, our family has experienced any number of technical difficulties. Each one inconveniencing us and challenging us financially. We have replaced car parts, appliances and technological devices; we have handled health issues and vocational hiccups. Each event has greeted us with an inital panic replaced quickly by God's assurances that our needs will be met. Faith like Mary..."I am the Lord's servant. May it be to me as you have said. "Mary's servant heart and unexplicable trust make her a magnificent role model for our busy lives. I pray today that I will have faith like Mary. I pray that regardless of what comes to me, that I will be able to say with conviction that I am His servant.

Not only during this Christmas season, but all year your faith like Mary's? Do we falter in the unexpected or shine beautifully reflecting the peace that passes all understanding?

May you bask in the peace that comes only from Jesus himself. Blessings for a peaceful and joyful celebration of our savior.

In His love,


Warren Baldwin said...

"This year, our family has experienced any number of technical difficulties."

Oh, we can relate. Having a new transmission put in our vehicle right now so we can take a trip to see our daughter graduate. Costs only ... oh, way to much! And right before Christmas! But, you are right, we can't let things like this dampen the spirit of the season.

Good post.

Author Amanda Beth said...

I definitely can relate. It's just like the Mary and Martha story. Martha was so distracted with the preparations that she didn't take the opportunity to sit at the feet of Jesus as He was ministering.

Life gets so busy, and it's sometimes hard to remember to stop what we're doing and cling to the feet of Jesus.

Sorry you and your family had to go through those difficulties. Praying you receive a special blessing from God this Christmas:)

God bless!