Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Devotions

Family Devotions

Father's can make scripture reading, Bible discussions, and memorizing scripture a memorable family experience. Here are a couple of tips:

1) The nature of the devotions can vary. A family devotion is not any particular set practice. One night you can read something, another pray for folks at church, another memorize a proverb. Try different things, especially when the children are small, so they maintain interest.

2) It is ok to be flexible. That means, you may not even be able to have one every night. Traveling, school or community events, and other things could prevent having one every night. That is ok. Don't forsake having at least an occasional devotional time together because you can't make it a nightly ritual.

3) Allow the kids to actively participate. Let them share their ideas and feelings. You might start out one night asking them about the days experiences. Something will emerge that you can discuss further, look at from Jesus' perspective, then pray about

4) Make it joyous enough that they'll want to do it more.

Sonja wrote a reflective post about how her dad encouraged the kids to memorize scripture while traveling, and the positive experience is still with her. You can read her guest post on the Hidden in My Heart Blog.


m.k. said...

Hi Warren,

Excellent tips to remember and apply. These tips will never be outdated, because they are so awesomely scripture based. Amen!

God bless you & your family,
~ Michele

Author Amanda Beth said...

Thanks for the great tips, Warren! I'm printing them out and showing them to my husband. Loved Sonja's story too. I sometimes get discouraged when my kids aren't excited to learn God's Word. Both your posts are a great encouragement to know it will pay off when they get older.

Stephanie said...

Thank you! I've needed some direction on consistency with family devotion. God Bless!