Monday, January 11, 2010

Limits - Good or Bad?

The first day back to school, after the long Christmas break, went well.  I had gotten up on time and everyone seemed motivated to stay on task.  I was armed with my new schedule and the drive to stay focused. 

The day flowed without any interruptions - until the kids came home from school.  Filled with information about their first day back, they all began talking to me in unison.  It was as if they hadn't spoken for hours and then someone uncapped them,  all at once!    Chaos suddenly surrounded me!  Even though it was a friendly crowd, I needed to stop them.

I opened my mouth and said, "ENOUGH! Everyone just stop talking for a minute."

Their eyes were wide open as they just starred at me in disbelief.  I'm sure they were thinking, "How come Mom doesn't want to hear about my first day back?"

To put them at ease, I quickly told them that I longed to hear every word about their first day back, just not at the same time.  I then decided on an order of who would be allowed to tell their tale first, second, and so forth.  From that point forward, we all enjoyed hearing about eachother's first day back, and a pleasant evening ensued.

As parents, we need to recognize when boundaries are necessary.  Even in situations where the atmosphere is friendly, there may be a need for limits. 

There was a time in my life when I was afraid to utilize boundaries in friendly situations.  But thankfully, I've learned how important they are for both myself and those around me.  I'm trying to teach this to my older children so that they, too can have quiet, peaceful hearts.



Kelly Combs said...

I think boundaries are so important, it also teaches the kids self-control! Great post.

Edie said...

I agree with what Kelly said about boundaries teaching self control. I think in this situation it also teaches patience, manners, and respect for others.

I seem to find myself in the midst of that friendly chaos a lot with the girls. Like you, I stop them and remind them that we talk one at a time so that I can listen to what they all have to say to me.

The Old Geezer said...

When my wife, her 3 sisters and a few of her cousins get together, they all talk at the same time. I think they are able to understand each other but I'm not sure?? If I suggested they set boundaries and have a orderly discussion, they would probably throw me out in the street.
I think boundaries are Biblical. God set moral boundaries for the human race and when we go outside them we pay the price.
Romans 1:18-32

Great post
God bless you, Ron

Nezzy said...

Children need boundaries and structure to learn self~control and restraint.

Good for you precious mama.
God bless ya'll!!!

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Order is a good thing! You also taught your children to give one another the respect and opportunity to speak and share.


Warren Baldwin said...

Boundaries keep order and peace. Jesus withdrew for peace and quiet and prayer - boundaries. Good post.