Monday, June 28, 2010


Summer is finally here!  School let out and within one week we were on the road headed for Walt Disney World, Florida.  Ahhh, life seemed good. 

Vacation ended and the following week we spent at doctors appointments, and catching up on laundry and T.V., "Is this how everyone starts out their summers?"

Anyhow, next thing I knew, I had a list of summer projects on paper ready to be checked off. Life seemed good, until my son popped into the kitchen and said, "I'm bored!"

The words echoed in my head, and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end!!! BORED? I thought. How could he be bored with so much to be done around here? We have every amenity known to man, (or child) how can he be bored?

Then it occurred to me that I had a schedule for myself, but my children's days were primarily unscheduled. They lacked direction for the summer.

So with some prayer and guidance from my husband, we've come up with a light summer schedule for them. This new schedule will let them know when they should play outside, when they can watch T.V., and when they will be having mandatory book reading/quiet time each day.

Now, armed with a schedule (which is subject to change if we decide to go to the pool, or out with friends), they won't have time to feel "bored." Instead they will have the direction they need.

Oh, did I also mention that we BANNED that word from our house?

How are things at your house so far? Has the dreaded "B" word come into play? If so, try the light summer schedule. Being on a schedule is part of our human nature - given to us by God Himself at creation.

Here's to a joy filled summer! Amen!




Oh - yes - I can relate to this from when my kids were young. It is so necessary to be intentional about the way we use [or even play with] our time.

I commend you and your husband for taking the time to sit down and make a schedule. We all need something [Someone] to follow and this prepares our hearts to follow God each day.

* God is a God of order.
* Creation was accomplished with a plan for each day.
* Rest [like vacation] was a scheduled day as well.

I trust this post will help us all use our time wisley for His kingdom purposes and not waste a moment in any precious day He's given!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie

Beth in NC said...

That is a great idea! (Also convicting that I need to limit TV time.)

My daughter is 4 (almost 5) and hasn't discovered the "bored" word YET. But you're right -- she needs a schedule, even in the summer.


Kelly Combs said...

Don't forget CHORES! I think chores are SO IMPORTANT for kids to be a working part of the family.

When they were at school all day I had lots of time to do a majority of the chores. Now that they are home, and wanting more of my time, in order to give them more time, they need to take on more of the chores. It's working well.

Heart2Heart said...


Especially in light of today's technology where everything happens instantly, it is so much easier for our kids to utter that phrase we hate.

I love your idea of a summer schedule for our kids and have decided that must be a great answer with some alternatives added such as having them plan a day with their friends.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Angel said...

Great idea!! We haven't had much time to be bored yet but I am sure it will come unless I take your advice. Thanks

Love and Blessings

Edie said...

This is a great idea Sonya. When I was growing up we had something of a schedule too. The TV went off at a certain time (in the morning) and didn't come back on til that night. We had chores as Kelly mentioned, and we played outside a lot. I don't recall being bored very much at all and my imagination as well as my body was exercised daily.

Katie said...

Well that is pure genious right there. I think I just might apply it to my house. My daughter may be only sixteen months old but her, never to early. It may work for my sanity as well. ;)

Warren Baldwin said...

No time to be bored this summer! Bible camps, VBS, kids traveling (mine are older), and speaking engagements. I would like some bored time right now! But we are gonig to make the most of this summer on the ocassions we have the kids at home. Good post.