Monday, June 21, 2010

A Dad Jesus Honored

Three noteworthy things to say about the dad in John 4:43-53:

1) He intervened in a painful, troubled situation.

Many times we dads hold back. We don’t know what to do. We don’t act with strength because we don’t know how to act. John Rosemond - Someone in the family is going to have strength. It batter be the parents. If not, it will be the kids, and they are not ready to lead. Even if we don’t know what to do, we still must move. If nothing else, seek out help from someone else. This man did. That is point #2.

2) He initiated contact with Jesus. He didn’t leave it to someone else.

He didn’t just hope Jesus would come to him. He made a journey to meet Jesus. He extended himself. Dad’s we can’t be afraid of doing that today. Our journey is not walking miles, it is moving from pride to humility, or from insecurity to conviction. We must initiate.

3) He invited Jesus into the life of his family.

Even if it was only in a limited sense at this point. He made the right moves. And Jesus honored that.

Dads, this story is about Jesus. But it uses a father to help move this story along. A father who invested himself into the life of his family. A father who involved himself in the struggles of his child. And Jesus honored this father.

And I think he still honors the lives and work of fathers today who intervene for the good of their families, who take the initiative to work for their good, and who invites him into their home.

Warren Baldwin


Jilly said...

Reading this has blessed me so much it reminded me of my Dad and how he is and was such a Godly man! A Dad I still love very much and look up too everyday!
My Dad is such a good man that I gave him the love name of *Naughty* which he just responds to with the fact that, that explains that I take after him! With a beaming and proud smile on his face!!
I am so grateful that God gave me the Daddy He did because He gave me the best!!
Thankyou for reminding me of this!

I know God and His wonderful love because my Dad not only gave me life but he gave me God as well. I often stop and think what a wonderful world this would be if all Daddy did that for their children!

Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

Warren: Thank you for this post. I went and read the passage from John 4. I love how the dad sought out Jesus and persisted on behalf of his son.

I LOVED this verse -- it popped out at me this morning.

John 4:50 -- "The man took Jesus at His word...." Wow - love it! May all of us parents demonstrate our strength by taking Jesus at His word.

Happy Father's Day Warren!

Terry said...

I always appreciate your words, Warren. That's the kind of dad I want to be.