Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Look

Chances are, if you are like me, you have mastered "the look." No, I'm not talking fashion here. I mean "the look" you give your kids as a warning.

Before my kids do something they aren't supposed to do, they glance over at me, to see if I'm watching. Then I flash them "the look." For me, the look is eyebrows up, mouth straight and tight, eyes bulge slightly. The look says "I see you, don't do it!" They quickly return to doing good and don't get into trouble.

I wonder if God has "the look." How many times before I get into trouble, does God flash me the look saying, "I see you, don't do it." Before I say something about someone I shouldn't...the look. Before I fly off the handle yelling at my kids for some minor offense...the look. Before I tell my husband what he did wrong in my oh, so superior tone of voice...the look.

How come the look works on my kids, but not on me? One key reason. Before my kids do wrong, they look to me. If, before I was about to mess up, I would simply look to my Father, to God, then I might see the look. I might hear the warning. I might not mess up. The answer is clear. I need to change my focus, and keep my eyes on God.

Psalm 25:15 -- My eyes are ever on the LORD, for only he will release my feet from the snare.



Jilly said...

Wow!!! How true what a wonderful post thank you so much!! OH! Yes I know the look! :o)



I was laughing at this at first b/c just last week I gave one of my 4-year old grandkids that 'look' [which I don't remember ever doing before] and I scared him half to death. He gave me a pouting look right back and I asked him why he looked like 'that'.

He said it was because I looked 'angry'! Oh my heart! So we went on to talk about both of our 'looks' - and what they meant.

I thank God that He is very patient with me - I hope I can be as patient with others as He is with me.

Focusing on God is key, as you said. Thanks for sharing.

Blessings, Stephanie

2Thinks said...

Okay. Weirdness. Or maybe Godness. Or maybe you and I are reading the same book *wink*,but I just this very minute, before I came to the blogs, read Psalm 25 and was focusing on the very verse you quote here at the end of the post.

Today, for me, this verse means, "Eyes on Me, Heidi. I Am. I will be your Hope and Stay through the entire day, today, tomorrow- all of the emotional pain of moving the college kid into the dorm four hours from home, on Friday, I will neutralize, as I wrap you securely in my arms. Look at me, I see you and I'm there."

Thanks, Kelly.

Angel said...

Wow, great post. I too have "the look" down with my kids yet miss it for myself way too often. Thanks for the reminder.

Love and Blessings

Karen said...

Hey Stephanie..
thanks for stopping by
And thanks for the warm comment..
I loved your post on THE LOOK,,
and love psalm 25

Great post.. cya again real soon