Friday, October 29, 2010

The Language of Love

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The language of love is a beautiful thing, when it's being spoken. Are you and your spouse speaking love to one another?

There are several books out there about the different love languages.  The five most talked about are:  Personal Touch and Closeness, Words of Encouragement, Acts of Kindness, Quality Time, and Gift Giving.

While the books emphasize finding our top language and then expecting others to speak it, I've learned we should be speaking all of them to our mate at different times.    The problem usually lies with us.  We tend to speak the love language we are craving while our spouse may be desiring a different one.

For my date idea, I would like to challenge you to use the five love languages listed here to communicate to your spouse over the next week.

Make a list of at least one thing you could try each day to express love in a different way.

Here are some examples:

Gift Giving: Buy him/her a small trinket that they would like, or even a special treat from the grocery store that you put in their lunch (if you pack their lunch).

Words of Encouragement: Spend the day making a list of their good qualities, or of the things you've noticed that they've done around the house over the past few weeks. Try leaving the note of "thanks for all they do" on their pillow.

Quality Time: Plan a romantic breakfast, lunch, or dinner where you draw them out and try to be a good listener (remember this is about them not you!).

Acts of Kindness: Take over one of their chores (without them asking first). Go to the dump for them, or take out the garbage for a few days. Mow the lawn, or weed eat for them. Make it something they will notice so they feel the love.

Personal Touch and Closeness: Watch a movie together holding hands, go out to eat and sit on the same side of the booth so you can play footsie's and hold hands.

Love is the universal language, let's all speak it this week!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

this is great Sonya. I actually pulled the big 'ole church garbage bins out to the road for him the other day because he had been called out for a death the night before and was still asleep. It really surprise him when he noticed!

Toyin O. said...

Those books sounds like a great read. I love the list and I will try to incoporate them into my life with friends and family.

Just also wanted to thank you for your visit and gracious comment.

have a wonderful day!

Warren Baldwin said...

Good books and good ideas. Everybody needs to know they are valued, esp our spouses. wb

Jenny said...

Where's that list? If this one isn't on it, you guys should check it out. It's called " Songs in the Key of Solomom" by Anita Renfroe and her hubby. Its a couple's devotional. My husband and I have done several of them, and they're just great. He's not even saved and he likes it! She uses a verse or two in Solomon with each devo, and just about every time my husband asks ' that's in the Bible??' they're a great tool to give you ideas and get you talking.

Sonya Lee Thompson said...


My husband and I recently purchased that book! It is loads of fun and a rare Bible study both parties are willing to do together!