Friday, November 5, 2010

Mirror Messages

"I write this greeting in my own hand...
Grace be with you."
Colossians 4:18
I was recently inspired by my girlfriend's daughter when we were invited to their home for a family dinner.  She used dry erase markers to write scripture on all the mirrors in her bedroom (and being a teenager...there were lots of mirrors!).  Each time she looks in her mirror, God's love letter is kissing her cheeks and piercing her heart with His truth.   

A few weeks ago, I was travelling for four nights away from my husband and children.  While I was thankful to go on the Girl's Get-Away Weekend hosted by Karen Kingsbury, my heart was aching in preparation of leaving my precious family and my favorite place on earth...home.  I was up most of the night before I left spending time in prayer for my husband and my children. 

After praying, while Jim and the kids were sound asleep, I went to every mirror and wrote love notes to my family.  As I wrote my note to Jim on his mirror in our master bathroom, I was very aware that our children would see the note.  So, it needed to be not-so-intimate and yet meaningful to him.  I also prayed that my note to Jim would be impressionable on our children's hearts, that they knew it represented the truth of my heart and that it was always authenticated by my actions in our home.  Here's a little of what my note said to my hubby:

"Dear Jim:  You are the best husband, brother in Christ and best friend I could ever have.  I love you with my entire heart.  I can't wait to be home in your arms again!  With all my respect, Sharon"  (The "with all my respect" closing was completely inspired by Emerson Eggerich of Love & Respect Ministries.)

I prayed that as Jim and our children looked in the mirrors, they would feel kissed by the love of their wife and mother. 

Write some love notes on the mirrors in your home today!  Wives, if you are an empty-nester or the parents of babies/toddlers who can't read yet, go ahead and write your note to your hubby in lipstick instead of dry erase markers! 

Song of Solomon (Chapter One)
 15 How beautiful you are, my darling!
   Oh, how beautiful!
   Your eyes are doves.
 16 How handsome you are, my beloved!
   Oh, how charming!

If your children are going to see what you write to your spouse, (be discrete and...) know that your words of love to one another are breeding security and confidence in your children's hearts, too!!!

Reflecting His image in our marriages requires sincere love, humility and the complete yielding of our hearts to the Holy Spirit.  Demonstrating our love can be done in creative and memorable ways.  Writing reflections of His image in your home will pour lavish grace into your family's hearts and kiss their cheeks with His love!  

Stop back here at T2, leave a comment and let us know what Mirror Messages you are writing today!     

"As water reflects the face,
so one’s life reflects the heart."
Proverbs 27:19



Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

i love this idea! i keep scriptures on index cards on MY mirror, but think this is a great idea to leave a little love on my husbands.

looking forward to joining this team with my first post next week!

Lloyd said...

Thank you for sharing this uplifting and inspiring message from the Word of God. Blessings, Lloyd