Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Domestic Diva

I've never been good at "domestic" stuff. Cooking, cleaning, decorating, can say I was challenged in these areas. So I decided to embrace my non-domestic ways. Me? Cook? Ha, never. I am woman, hear me roar! I became part of the feminist movement that says I don't have to do these things. Truth is, I was never trained. Growing up with a mentally ill mother left me challenged. But then something changed.

I joined a cooking co-op. If I would cook dinner just 1 night a week, for myself & three other families, then 3 nights a week I would have dinner delivered to me by another family. To someone who hated (aka can't!) cook this was a dream come true. What happened next was truly a surprise.

I had to meal plan. We set our co-op calendar 3 months at a time, so I had to pull out cookbooks and select meals. Once the calendar was set, grocery shopping was easier. And once I started putting some real effort into my cooking, the compliments (from my own families AND the other three families) started coming in! Soon I was buying fun kitchen gadgets (did I say fun and kitchen in the same sentence?)

I can honestly say now, I am a good cook. I can meal plan. I just had to learn how. I'm still not the best at decorating, but I am learning. Why is this important? Titus 2:3-5 says we older women are to teach the younger women to be "busy at home." That means cooking, cleaning, meal planning, decorating. I was never taught. But rather than carry on this omission, I am now teaching my children the JOYS of things like cooking.

Imagine my delight, when my then 4 year old came up to me with her baby doll and stroller in tow, and a backpack full of plastic food. She said, "It's my cooking co-op day." She's 6 now, and enjoys helping in the kitchen. She doesn't enjoy helping unload the dishwasher, but I am training her none-the-less, so she will never be domestically challenged.

What things are you challenged by? Instead of saying you'll never get there, why not put the effort into learning. Then you can train up those of the next generation. Now we're cooking!



Jilly said...

Wow! Kelly, what a precious post! I love cooking and all the duties that come with being a wife and mum. However, this has made me think; I am challenged in finishing things like sewing, knitting ... I suffer badly with anxiety so I am great a starting things, but not so good at finishing them! When my precious Hubby and I started renovating our little home, I think I drove him mad with starting something new in every room, even the toilet – that’s how bad the anxiety was. Now after many years, I have learn't to do one room at a time! It’s such a new concept for me! LOL!

So, I was thinking that I need to get something out of my basket and finish it. LOL!!!

I will let you know how I go!

Thank you so much for being faithful to God and us in posting this!!

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

I love this post, Kelly! You've brought out a very valid point, just because we weren't trained in an area doesn't mean we should dismiss it. You are an inspiration and truly a Titus 2 woman.

Melanie said...

This is great, Kelly!

Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

Love this co-op idea!!! :) Wondering if it would work with dusting each other's homes. Dusting is my downfall!!! :)

Thanks for sharing a great idea and for spurring us on and challenging us!! And I agree with Sonya- you are a T2 woman!!!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

It would be even better if you could join the co-op and get some great meals, but not have to cook :)... just kidding... sort of.

I really enjoyed this kelly - you are definitely an inspiration to all of us women.

Mariel said...

being a wife and mom are the greatest joys of my life. i do hate cooking most days, though. i have thought about a cooking co-op, but i don't want to commit to cooking for MORE people, when i already don't like it...but you rpost has made me re-think it. i love how you are passing on this legacy of godly homemaking to your daughter too :)