Monday, July 5, 2010

Father-Daughter Trip


Last week I spoke at Yellowstone Bible Camp in Pray, Montana (I presented 15 lessons from Proverbs. And what a place to have a Bible camp, huh? Pray, Montana). Words cannot describe the beauty of the place, and even pictures can not do it justice.

My wife and two daughters were supposed to go as well, but circumstances don’t always favor plans working out as they are supposed to. Only one daughter was able to attend part of the week with me. But, we made the most of it. One of the perks of attending this family camp is a day off. We used it to tour Yellowstone National Park where we saw 7 grizzly bears in one day. We saw a momma griz with3 cubs, and an hour later we saw another momma with 2 cubs.

We left camp the next day and drove through the park again on our way to Cody, Wyoming for the July 4th parade. We got to visit with numerous old friends from the time we lived there. Then, journeyed on to Cheyenne, WY where we got to hear Wes (my son) preach Sunday morning.

We were blessed to experience camp, Yellowstone, visits with family and friends, and a lot of good conversation along the way. We memorized some Bible verses, talked about the past, and planned some future events. It was wonderful.
No, not every father-child experience can be as dramatic as a trip like Kristin and I just enjoyed, but as dads we can make the most of even little opportunities here and there to connect and grow with our kids. It might be something as simple as a day trip to a local scenic area or a special dinner out. I’m learning that such experiences are every bit as beneficial for me as I hope they will be for the kids.

Be open for a special moment God may open up for you and one of your children this week.

Warren Baldwin


Sonya Lee Thompson said...

What a fabulous trip, indeed! I really enjoyed the pictures.

My husband is really good about looking for those opportunities to spend time with one child here and there. We do need to keep our eyes open so these opportunities don't slip away unnoticed.

Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

Warren: I love how God orchestrated this time wth you and your daughter. How special!

And that camp in "Pray" sounds awesome. I think I will be googling to find out more about it! We've always wanted to go to Montana -- and this seems perfect!

We just got home from Camp of The Woods (Christian Family Camp) in the Adirondacks of New York.

Thanks for sharing this, Warren! You have warmed my heart and spurred me on! :)



Wow! What a beautiful thing to do with a daughter. Reminds me that I am the daughter of the King!!
He's been taking me on trips like this for awhile now!!! Awesome!

Beautiful pictures!


Kelly Combs said...

My husband has been fly-fishing in Montana, but that is a different story!

My husband takes our girls (who are young) on outings, and they are special bonding times. We don't have the opportunity to take many trips, so when we do, it is as a family.