Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Un-Sin Me

"Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean;" Psalm 51:7a

"Un-sin me." That is the literal translation for "Cleanse me" in Psalm 51 above. It is David's humble prayer for forgiveness and cleansing that he wrote after Nathan came to him after David had committed adultery with Bathsheba.

Un-sin me! What a great phrase to pray to God. I think as Christians, our view point of forgiveness is often like giving someone a "re-do" or "do-over." But in God's view, forgiveness is not a re-do, it's an un-do! He literally takes away our sins. As a sinner, I can barely wrap my mind around that.

When I forgive, I still remember the offense. Not intentionally, but I don't get forgiveness amnesia either. No, I remember the person hurt me, and I am on guard to make sure they are not a repeater offender. God doesn't just forgive us. He un-sins us, restoring us to righteousness.

We aren't God. Sometimes remembering the offense is a good protection to prevent future harm. We don't have the ability to cleanse someone, to "un-sin" them like God does. At the same time, the Lord's Prayer clearly states, "Forgive us our sins, as WE FORGIVE those who sin against us." It's important to forgive those who offend us. But I'm thankful for a heavenly Father who doesn't just forgive. He doesn't even forget. He removes.

Un-sin me!



KrippledWarrior said...

As it turns out, Grace is amazing after all.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite Psalms. The whole "un-sin" me concept is mind boggling, isn't it! I really like this post.

Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

I love that: "un sin me". Only He can.

When forgiving someone, God keeps my heart humble when I think of the wretch I have been. I am so thankful for His mercy. Speechless kind of thankful! And so thankful that He cleanses me. Wow.

Matthew 5:7 - Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

Heather said...

I will never forget this! Un-sin! Only He can, praise Him for the wonderful things He does!

What a great reminder of how we NEED HIM to be thoroughly cleansed.


Warren Baldwin said...

I've preached on this passage a number of times but never thought of this statement in terms of "un-sin me." I like it! Good post.


This is a great post Kelly! We who know Christ [Yeshua] know that His blood is what cleanses us. I was just reading an article tonight that tells of this passage in Psalm 51 - as one that the [Orthodox]Jews claim for their own repentance now. Since there is no longer a temple or a sacrificial systen in place for them now - they actually believe that these passages in Psalm 51 clear them from all sin. The problem is they do not attach it to Christ or His blood - they just think it's a nice passage that let's them off the hook so to speak. Very sad. But many are coming to believe in Yeshua as their promised Messiah - if we keep taking them to Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22.

I heard once that we should think of Hyssop as the paint brush in the cleansing process! I like that too! Just as if I never sinned!

Great post!

Blessings, Stephanie