Wednesday, January 11, 2012

reflections on my week in Nicaragua

Are you seeking to have a more personal relationship with God? Are you seeking higher things in your spiritual life? Are you wanting more and more of your Savior?

Spend a week in a third world country and His grace and His majesty and His mercy and His power will be revealed to you in a new and bigger way. Spend a week without the 'conveniences' of America and you will find yourself more dependent upon the necessities of God. Spend a week with precious children that have a hunger for something more than food and you will have a much deeper appreciation of the abundance of our bibles and study books and availability of things that we can use to increase our knowledge of Him.

Our God has blessed us to the full. We have been given such a huge portion of His measure of Grace. He is so good and we are so lacking in our reverence and fear of Him. We need to push all our worldly possessions to the side and take a real close look at what is really important in our lives. 

When I boarded the plane in Managua, Nicaragua  yesterday afternoon, I was ready to get home to a good HOT bath, clean running water and the modern conveniences of home. When I landed in Jackson, MS to begin the 2 hour drive home, I was saddened at the thought of hot water and all those modern conveniences that we think are necessities. I was ready to go back to the land of simplicity. The land of depending on God for your comfort. The land of communing with Him and being satisfied with just Him...

Are you seeking a higher and more intimate relationship with God? Get back to the basics. Quit striving for more things and strive for more of the Lord. He is everything. He is all we need. He is.....



Nezzy said...

Oh the things we take for granted Beth.

I was raised with no indoor toilet or runnin' water 'till I was nine. I remember baths in those old galvanized tubs and cold winter nights.

We forget how very blessed we are and that many others really don't have the vital things of life.

God bless you for takin' this trip and remindin' us how much we have.

Welcome home and have a beautiful day sweetie!!! :o)

Author Amanda Beth said...

I just read Chuck Balsamo's book "Make Me A Legend" and one of things he commented on is that our country is one of the largest mission fields. We have so much "stuff," but have so little. We've replaced God with the riches of the world.

I have a few friends in other countries, and I absolutely admire their passion and knowledge of Christ. You don't see too many people like them in this country. They don't have all the material things to take their attention away from God. They live and breathe on the Word of God.

Thanks for sharing your trip. I'm sure it was no doubt a humbling experience. God bless!

Warren Baldwin said...

I've wanted to take my 3 kids on a mission trip to a 3rd world nation but it hasn't happened ... yet. It is still a goal though! Thanks for sharing this experience. wb